Hardwood Transitions

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Hardwood transitions are needed to give your job a prefissional clean look. You will need diffrent type of transitions when the hardwood flooring is connected to diffrent type of flooring(Carpet, Tile, Vinyl or others).


Reducer: is normally placed by fireplaces, doorways, as a room divider, or a transition from flat flooring to flooring next to it that is not as thick.  It resembles a teardrop in appearance and can be installed with glue, small nails, or double sided tape.


Stair Nose: is a molding that has been cut underneath to fit well on raised floor perimeters, stair steps, and stair landing strips.  These should be firmly applied and locked into place with glue and nails or screws.  In order to preemptively stop the material from splitting in the future, nails holes should be pre-drilled.


T-Molding: A type of molding that is utilized as a piece that goes between one floor and another of the same height or to have the floor spaced out some.  Attach it at the heel in the middle of the molding but keep in mind it may need extra support at the heel depending on how thick the products covered may be.


Threshold: This type of molding is cut underneath and utilized around fireplaces, carpet, sliding door tracks, ceramic tile, or thresholds that are already installed to provide extra space so that it has a smooth transition between the difference in height.  Attach it to the subfloor with glue and/or nails through the heel.  It needs nail holes to be drilled in advance to stop it from splitting.